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Nic Courto is a Hobart based musician and educator. His musical interests cover both instrumental and vocal settings in a variety of genres. His inspiration comes from a love of stories and a fascination with expressing narrative and character through music.
Nic has completed a Bachelor of Music at the University of Tasmania as well as a Masters of Teaching. He has also completed AMEB qualifications in Piano and Voice (Grade 8) Clarinet (Grade 5) and Music Theory (Grade 6). 

I came to Hobart in 2009 to study at UTAS. I swapped from classical to contemporary voice, following a love of songwriting that was inspired by artists like Paul Simon, Cat Stevens and James Taylor. Never satisfied with just one thing I supplemented my vocal studies with piano, clarinet, guitar and saxophone. 

While studying I joined the Tasmanian Army Reserve Band, and played with them for almost a decade, enjoying the rare opportunity to sing with a full concert band and big band, and to jump from singing to piano to clarinet. 

I taught music privately, then for a while at The Compartment music school. In 2018 I started teaching at a local high school. 

Currently I play with Derwent Valley Concert Band and the Southern Lights Big Band. Community music fuels my love of composing. I've recently been working on projects for both band and choir, as well as some arranging work for professional groups in Hobart. 

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