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Long May He Reign

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'Long May He Reign' is the story of an ex con-artist, now circus performer, who once convinced an entire town to elect him as their King. In this piece, the con artist reflects on what may have been his greatest achievement, and also his saddest failure. Inspired, at least in part, by the story of Mollymauk Tealeaf, a character from the internet Dungeons and Dragons show 'Critical Role.'



Flute (2)

Oboe (2)

Bassoon (2)

Eb Clarinet

Clarinet (3)

Bass Clarinet

Alto Sax (2)

Tenor Sax (2)

Baritone Sax

Trumpet (3)

Horn in F (4)

Trombone (3)



Double Bass


Snare Drum

Aux Percussion

Score and Parts - $80

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