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Hear me. Can you hear me?

Turn your eyes up from the floor. 

Listen. Please just hear me. 

My poor voice cracks when I talk. 

Do you even see me?

Do you know I'm here?

Hear me. Please just hear me. 

Please just hear me. 

See me. Please just see me. 

I am starting to feel scared. 

Standing right before you

and you still don't seem to care. 

Could you put your book down,

turn the TV off?

See me. Please just see me. 

Please just see me. 

Do I blend into the dark?

When did I turn invisible?



Hold me. Won't you hold me

so I know that I'm still here. 

Help me to remember 

that I haven't disappeared. 

Give me just a moment

and I'll leave you be. 

Hear me. Please just hear me. 

Please just hear me. 


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